Dancegod Lloyd - Shoo Challenge (Dance Video)

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Incredible Zigi - Omo Ada (dance video)

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Lord Paper Set To Release New Song Featuring Medikal In July

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Michael Takyi Frimpong , a Ghanian Afrobeat and Hiphop Artist popularly known as Lord Paper in the Music industry after his Song Ewurama came to the spotlight with controversies, is set to release a song out of his "Somewhere In North K EP " titled " Are you your  boyfriends Girlfriend" featuring the "Omo Ada" hitmaker Medikal of AMG label produced by Samsney.

According to him its a masterpiece and fans should expect it in July.

His latest song Dzibordi is still making waves on Air as its a music that addresses one major issue in the country which is tribalism.

Dancegod Lloyd Performs At Accra Mall With Afrobeast

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lloyd Konadu popularly known as Dancegod llyod in showbiz is a professional dancer,choreographer,Dance coach and the co-founder of Dance With A Purpose Academy. According to him his outmost goal is to portray the African culture to the world. He is one of the amazing talents in Ghana who didnt give up on their dreams and has indeed helped widened peoples scope on the importance of Dance in the country. Enjoy the video below as he performs live at Accra Mall with his co partner Afrobeast.

IPhone Charger left - Medikal Confirms

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

With the ongoing "beef" between Rapper Osei Kwaku Vincent professionally known as Strongman and  Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal  in the music industry, some jabs have been thrown at each other which have raised the attention of all Ghanians.

In Strongman's Don't try diss song against fellow rapper Medikal, he is noted to have dropped a heavy punchline demanding fellow Artist to Subtract his Fraud money from his real money and that the rest is his music money, it can't even buy him bicycle.

This has stirred a lot of controversies in the country as rumours have it that Amg Business is a Fraud Group instead of a Music group and that the Music aspect is just a cover up for their fraudulent activities.

Also Celebrity profile, Lydia forson is said to have talked about Medikal's Fraudulent Behaviour some time ago.

Since Kwadwo Sheldon Aka Lil Duku couldn't do the basic maths on Medikal's real money left, the music entertainer Medikal came to his rescue with a comment on Twitter saying his Iphone charger is left 

That's a hilarious one from Medikal 

2019 All White Dance Workshop By Dancegod Lloyd

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

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