Upclose With Rosebird Ama Dadzie, Lady Who Draws In Ghana.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

The art industry in Ghana seems like a field well dominated by men but today I present to you a lady who is thriving in this field.

 Rosebird Ama Dadzie is a 27 years old  portrait artist  who hails from Adidome but resides at Adjei kojo, Tema west.

In an exclusive interview with her online,when asked why she chose Art she said:
"I chose Art because of the passion I have and I also believe that it's a God given talent"

Rosebird Ama Dadzie is the CEO of Roben Art  and a product of Takoradi technical University.
She had her Junior high education at Bennett Caulley memorial school and her secondly education at Ashaiman Senior High.

One of her works which caught my attention on social media is a portrait of an old man wearing a spectacle. 

According to her this drawing is a challenge she took on herself and the first charcoal work she has made. 
She only specialised in Graphite.

The  portrait drawing alone supersedes most artworks by the opposite gender in the Artistry field.

Rosebird later disclosed that her brand "Roben" art is a joint brand and the name was composed out of their first names which is Rosebird  and Eben.
She is a Portrait artist and Eben is a Graphic Designer.

Ghana is renowned for producing the best African arts and crafts yet in Ghana, the creative arts sector is treated with disdain and as second fiddle.

Through the interview I asked her what she thinks about it and what measures does she think when put in place would revive our creative arts industry. 

She said : 
"Hmmmm it's very bad...what I think we should put in place is that:
we should have art Academy...
Also employ teachers who are really into art and have the passion for art...
Why do I say that?.. most of the teachers that are in the art school were not even art students.
 They only read and go to class the following day to teach, so they can't even the take the students through practicals...

We should also invest more in promoting art...
And also have a day the we can say we are celebrating art in Ghana...that involves awarding artist to encourage them in what they are doing..."

This is  something really affecting our creative arts industry in Ghana and shouldn't be overlooked.
The creative arts industry deserves recognition, respect and value since it also contributes to the Ghanaian Economy and is one of the major source of livelihood for most people. 

Rosebird has worked on numerous commissioned  portraits.
Her hyperrealistic artworks are highly recommended as the best for any festivities.

Contact her  on +233263679149 or +233550243333...
 You can follow her or get in touch with her via social media platforms 
Facebook: Roben-art...
IG : @roben_art92...
Twitter : @roben_art92...

Youtube Account Creation And Monetisation 2019.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

As an actor, I was on a movie set a week ago and had a conversation with another actor I met, who told me about his challenges in creating a Youtube account and channel.

In a statement he said "i confronted a friend of mine to help me and I was  charged a huge sum of money which I couldn't afford". 
Been a technology enthusiast, I couldn't watch him throw away his money just like that so I offered my help for free wihout undermining his friends work. Lol

make money

YouTube account creation and Monetisation is one of the most frequently asked questions. 
So today am going to take my time to explain the steps in creating Youtube account ,a channel and how to monetise it.

Steps to Create Youtube Account And Channel

1. Open YouTube on your computer, mobile site or by using the app on your mobile.

2. Click On Signup 
This takes you directly to the account creation page.

3. Enter Your Email Address And Password.
You must enter a valid e-mail address to register.

4. Retype Password and Username.

5. In the location drop down menu select your country.

6. Enter your postal code.

7. Select your Gender and enter your Date of Birth.

8. Input the characters you see in the Word Verification field. 
If you can't see the characters clearly click on the New image link to view a different image.

9. Check or uncheck the next box with : Let others find my channel if they have my email address. 
This option gives you control over who sees your videos.

10. Check the Terms of Use privacy box after reading it. 

11. Click on create my account.

Note: if you leave any box empty, the YouTube page would be refreshed with red warning notes at the fields that needs to be corrected.
Correct it and you are good to go. 
Don't forget to check your email for confirmation message .

Now that you are successful in creating your YouTube account let's move on to how to create your first YouTube channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel.
Follow the steps below to create a personal YouTube channel

1.Sign in to YouTube on a computer or using the mobile site or app.

2.Try uploading a video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist.
If you don't have a channel, you'll see a prompt to create a channel.

3. If step 2 is not working for you click on your profile icon and then the settings icon.

4. Check the details and confirm to create your channel.

How To Monetise YouTube Channel

People who make videos on Youtube are termed as "Vloggers".
Yh I know it rings in your ears like bloggers. 
So just like blogging, vlog is the short term of video blogs or video logs. 
It's a form of blog for which the medium is video.
So people get paid for doing what they love on Youtube. 

In other to make money out of your Youtube channel , you need to put in your  dedication , time, and your effort. 

So let's head straight to how to Monetise your YouTube channel

In other to perform this action and start earning royalties you need to enable Monetisation in your YouTube channel which makes you a YouTube partner and allow ads to run in your videos.

Follow the steps below.

1.Select your account icon in the top right corner.

2.Click Creator Studio.

3. In the left menu Select Channel

4. Click on Status And Features

5.Click Enable in the Monetisation section.

6.Follow the on-screen steps to accept YouTube’s Terms.

Once you are done you have to register Google Adsense in other to join the Google advertising network.

Please Note: Subscribe to Google AdSense only if your channel has 1000 subscribers

Google would pay you Everytime people watch ads in your videos.

Thanks for reading my guide on YouTube account creation and monetisation. 
If you have any questions pls drop them in the comment box. 
I would attend to you shortly.

I sold Second Hand Clothes - Celestine Donkor


Monday, August 26, 2019

Ghanaian Gospel Music sensation Celestine Donkor on Breakfast live this morning disclosed that her music career started as a result of escorting her friend to the studio who was going to record her song. 

"My friend was in the studio recording whiles I was at the reception humming along without knowing that the sound engineer was paying close attention to me. 
So after my friends recording, the sound engineer called me and said "would you like to record? I think you sound very good" and I was like really? That would be great" - she said

Celestine Donkor is one of the gospel acts whose story inspires me. 
I quite recall  that she even claimed of eating human feaces (excreta) as a result of an orchestration by her senior househelp way back before she came into the limelight.

The question that comes into my mind now  is "Where is this Senior house help and what was her reaction after seeing  the New Celestine Donkor?"
Where are we taking this world to with such wickedness.

Celestine Donkor also disclosed that she sold Second hand clothes and other food stuffs at a point in time in her life.

In her words of encouragement to people who are facing challenges she said " I would say that whatever you are in or whatever position you are is a very important part of your life and everything you are going through is God's deliberate plan to carve your life" 

If you are a great fan of her or ready for a heck of an experience don't forget that her eight edition of Celestial praise concert is coming on 29th September 2019 at Victory Bible Church international, Awoshie Baahyard. Be there.

Richard Commey Trains Hard In Ghana In Preparation Of His Title Defence.

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Ghanian professional lightweight boxer Richard Oblitey Commey, who is the current International Boxing Federation(IBF) Lightweight Word Champion, trains hard in Ghana in preparation of his title defence against Tefimo Lopez.
Richard Commey Trains Hard In Preparation Of His Title Defence Against Teofimo Lopez.
According to Richard Commey's Manager  Michael Amoo Bediako Snr in a tweet  on Twitter this morning he wrote : 
 "@RichardCommey training hard in Ghana prior to his imminent return to the States to complete his preparation for his title defence against @TeofimoLopez. @Streetwisemgt @Everlast_ @eaner0919 @loudibella @KornerMan44 🇬🇭 https://t.co/tqLOPuON9c"
This was as a result of a mandatory title fight order by IBF between defending champion Richard Commey and the unbeaten number one contender Tefimo Lopez.

Teofimo Andres Lopez Rivera is a Honduran- American professional boxer in the lightweight division who won his spot against Richard Commey after he went 12 rounds in the first time of his career and much tougher against  Japan's Masayoshi Nakatani in an IBF final eliminator.

After the contest was fixed the two professional boxers have declared promises to their fans.

Richard Commey twitted: @TeofimoLopez "Beat my ass" I don't think so! @trboxing when's the date? The fans are waiting and so am i.

Teofimo Lopez 19 hours ago on Twitter also followed up with a tweet: Things are going to be different this time around..#TheComeUp

This contest is to be held this year and I can't wait for the outcome of this match lol. As a Ghanian I have great hopes with much support for Richard Commey.  

Assets I Have Acquired From Music Are iPhone,Ipad And A Camera - Wendy Shay

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ghanaian 23 years old Afropop and Afrobeat  singer  Wendy Addo popularly known by her mononym Wendy Shay  in an interview on TV Africa has disclosed the assets she has made from her music.

The Rufftown Records signee when asked about her  assets said:
"I've got soo many stuffs.. too many. Wow I mean I can actually buy the latest iPhone in town, camera and ipad. I mean stuffs that every girl at my age is gonna need. I do have money to buy all of these things."

The Bedroom Commando hitmaker was asked later concerning her networth which she replied “Oh I haven’t check that, I think I have to go check it online.”

After her interview which has raised alot of dissapointments in  fans and other top media personalities,she has been trending on social media.

In a comment on Instagram Ghanaian Actor Prince David osei wrote : 
"is this the person they appointed as youth ambassador? Shallow" 

I eagerly waited  personally  to hear Wendy Shay mention of  her investments and more but on this notice it is clear that she didn't really understand the question.

Anyway apart from the iphone, iPad and camera ,Wendy Shay has a foundation that takes care of the needy.

Kwesi Kimany Ft Gachios

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Kwesi Kimany - No Shaking Ft Gachios
Kwesi Kimany drops his brand new single featuring Gachios. He calls this one "No Shaking" produced by Gachios and mixed by E'pak.
No shaking is a song that talks about the struggles of his life and his determination to succeed.
 Hope you like it. Enjoy 

Kwesi Kimany - No Shaking Ft Gachios[Download]

Ebola Is No Longer An Incurable Disease - Scientists

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ebola is a virus that causes  severe bleeding, organ failure and can lead to death.
 The virus can be spread by Humans through  bodily fluids such as blood and many more. 

Scientists for quite some time now have been  working on finding a cure to this killer disease  since the first epidemic outbreak in remote villages in  Central Africa near the Tropical rainforest despite the virus first discovery in 1976.

Today in DR Congo, Scientists finally discovered two out of four drugs which have proven to be effective at reducing the death rates after been tested. 

According to World Health Organisation and US National Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which was a co sponser of the trial, the drugs discovered which are two monoclonal antibodies are more effective more than the previous drugs ZMapp and Remdesivir.

Prof Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Director-General of the Institute National de Recherche Biomédicale in Dominican Republic of Congo, stated that , “From now on, we will no longer say that Ebola is incurable'.

Now 90% of their patients can walk into the center and come out completely cured. They will start believing it and building trust in the population and community,” he said.

Speaking on the new discovery, Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of Wellcome and the co-chair of the WHO Ebola therapeutics group, also said  that the trial, which is the first-ever multi-drug randomised trial for Ebola, has happened despite such highly complex and challenging circumstance.
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How To Stop Unwanted Notifications On Your Android Device.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Hi guys welcome to VolumeGh. 
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In today's guide am going to talk about how to turn off unwanted notifications on your Android device. 

Google play store is the official appstore for the Android operating system allowing users to browse and download apps on their Android. 
Most of the apps downloaded on this platform also comes with notifications. 

A study published by Florida State University Reasearchers states that  Notifications are ruining people's concentration whether it's a small beep or persistent ring.

Some of these notifications are cool whiles others are irritating and it's highly recommended that you deactivate all unwanted notifications so that it doesn't conflict with the most  important notifications.

How To Remove Unwanted Notifications

There are two ways to remove unwanted notifications from your device depending on the Android version you are using. 
Am using Android 6.0 in this guide, anyway settings are similar on other versions.

First Step
1. Go to Settings 

2. Open Sound & Notifications.

3. Click on Notifications.

4. Open Apps Notifications.

5. Tap on the  app you want to              deactivate it's notifications.

6. Toggle block notifications on 

Pls note: Don't do anything with priority mode. It's the lolipops version of Do not Disturb.
Second Step

If you don't know which app is causing the notifications use this step when the notification is visible 

1. Long press the notification till you see an "i" icon as shown in the image below and click on it .

2. Settings menu will open.
 Go there and repeat the first method by blocking notifications for the selected app.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial 
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Neymar Wont Play For PSG In Their Opening League.

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Neymar Jnr
Neymar Jnr

Neymar da silver Santos Júnior popularly known as Neymar Jnr is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as forward for Paris Saint Germain(PSG)  and Brazilian national team. 

Lately rumors have been circulating on his transfer bid to Spanish club  rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The 27 years old Brazilian who joined PSG 2017 has scored 34 goals in two seasons.

According to PSG Sports director Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo, talks about Neymars exit have advanced but the club is not ready to aprrove any transfer.

Despite the fact that he didn't specify on the progress of the negotiations, Leonardo stated that Neymar won't be participating in PSG opening league 1 fixture against Nimes

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Top 5 Google Fun Tricks You Didnt Know

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Google is the worlds largest company by revenue according to wikepedia.
It is also one of the most popular leading search engines.
Despite the fact that  its the most visited site in the world, there are more fun hidden tricks  I bet you never know of.

Prank your friends with this hidden fun tricks now.

1. Askew or Tilt 
The moment you type Askew or Tilt in your search bar you would notice that your current search results  has been tilted.
2. Do A Barrel Roll
Type barrel roll on google search and by observing it you would realise that search results has been rotated.

3. Zerg Rush 
After typing Zerg rush you would notice that all your search result pages gets cleared bit by bit.
4. HTML Blinker
This is one of my favourites when it comes to Google hidden trick. Search HTML Blinker and watch out for what happens next. 
You would see all words blinking at once.

5. Atari Breakout
Want to play a game? Search Atari Breakout  in google images and wait for some few minutes. The page would change into a game.

If you experience  any issue using this hidden tricks on google search try elgoog.im which is highly recommended as an alternative.

Note: These fun tricks as the name denotes is just for fun and cant cause any harm to your smartphone. 
Anyway VolumeGh won't be held responsible for any misusal of this cool tricks on friends.

Gif Image source: time.com

Over speeding Causes Accident At Afienya.

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Misintepretation of Road signs can lead to accidents but over speeding just like its been said " Satan was once Gods servant" is a serious manipulator of road accidents.

Earlier today,VolumeGh received reports on an accident which happened on the Afienya road at the Emmanuel estate junction.

According to Kojo Arhin who reported the issue to VolumeGh , he said the accident was caused by a kia truck which was over speeding.

KIA Truck

He went further on to elaborate on the issue that a saloon car heading to Akosombo decided to stop to allow some children to cross safely not knowing the kia truck which was heading to tema was coming with high speed and due to its inability to stop at that moment had to branch to the other junction  destroying a mobile phone shop but the mobile money agent was safe.

Another kia truck that was also following branched to the same direction upon seeing what was at stake.
Both drivers got injured as well as a man who was standing at the junction waiting to pick a trosky.
They were quickly rushed to the hospital.

For now we don't know the state of the driver's and the man's condition. Stay in touch with us. Would keep you updated.

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Beyonce Posts Dancegod Llyod Video On Her Story

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Lloyd Konadu (Dancegod llyod)

The Entertainment Industry of Ghana, a West African country has not only  witness much recognition in the world with Multiple Grammy Award winning  singer Beyonce featuring Shatawale on Already song which is already making waves internationally.

Dancegod lloyd's dance version of the Already dance challenge ends up on Beyonce's story.
Llyod konadu popularly known as Dancegod llyod is a professional dancer,choreographer, dance coach and co founder of Dance with a Purpose Academy.

He is one of the amazing talents who didn't give up on his dream in times where Dance wasnt accepted in Ghana for business and was rather noticed as a hobby.
He was recently even featured on BBC.

Upon seeing his video getting that much recognition he took to his Twitter page and said if he gets featured on one of Beyonce's video he would make much noise more than the artist she features.

This shows how excited  he would be.
We pray it happens. Anything is possible with God you know. Not even Shatawale believed he was going to get featured by Beyonce Soo soon.

In one of his recent tweets he also stated it was time for Beyonce to meet him which was retweeted by Ghana's own singer Deborah Vanessa who gave him hope that Beyonce would even pay him to dance in her music video or on stage with her.

Ava Duvernay, the director and Creator of the popular Netflix show " When they see us" also tweets that she has watched all the Already Dance videos and is enjoying herself with Dancegod llyods video.

Essence which is a popular brand in the African American community has also joined with a retweet of Dancegod llyod's video with a caption "When you realize tomorrow is Friday #lionking.
All the  retweets had not only put a smile on the talented dancers face but had also given hope to some youths  to never give up on their dreams despite whatever happens in life. This is a bit of what his legacy has always been about.

As a blogger with much love for the entertainment industry and a great fan of this amazing dancer , I pray this actually happens. 
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