Fella Makafui recent tweet receives mixed reaction from Fans.

While others were trolling the actress for her quote, others understood her message differently and stood by her.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

/ by Gideon Duah

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Mrs. Precious Frimpong (Fella Makafui)

Ghanaian Actress Fella Makafui, whose name became a household name after featuring in YOLO TV series, has been scrutinized by few fans of her after posting a quote on Twitter.

The Actress in a tweet said, Fear Humans and play with snakes.

This wasn't taken well by some of her fans, and they replied negatively via her comment box.

One user known as Aaron Bebe replying to her quote said he doesn't understand why the Actress gave birth to a human instead of snake.

 Itiswell on Twitter replying to her quote indicated that celebrities write any stupid thing that comes in mind, the moment they wake up.

Could it be as a result of misunderstanding?

While others were trolling the actress for her quote, others understood her message differently and stood by her.

Elizabeth Addo TJC, a lady who sees the actress as her role model, praised her for the quote and saw it as deep and a very insightful one.

Another user identified as Isaac Atekey said he believes Fella Makafui's reason makes it so, and respect her tweet due to what she has been through.

What do you think about Fella Makafui's quote? Does it inquire negative reactions from fans or a positive one? Drop your comments now and let's discuss.

The Actress, now goes by the name Mrs Precious Frimpong after tieing the knot with Ghanaian award-winning Artist Medikal of AMG Business.

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