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How To Stop Unwanted Notifications On Your Android Device.

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In today’s guide am going to talk about how to turn off unwanted notifications on your Android device. 
Google play store is the official appstore for the Android operating system allowing users to browse and download apps on their Android. 
Most of the apps downloaded on this platform also comes with notifications. 
A study published by Florida State University Reasearchers states that  Notifications are ruining people’s concentration whether it’s a small beep or persistent ring.
Some of these notifications are cool whiles others are irritating and it’s highly recommended that you deactivate all unwanted notifications so that it doesn’t conflict with the most  important notifications.
How To Remove Unwanted Notifications

There are two ways to remove unwanted notifications from your device depending on the Android version you are using. 
Am using Android 6.0 in this guide, anyway settings are similar on other versions.
First Step
1. Go to Settings 

2. Open Sound & Notifications.

3. Click on Notifications.

4. Open Apps Notifications.

5. Tap on the  app you want to              deactivate it’s notifications.

6. Toggle block notifications on 

Pls note: Don’t do anything with priority mode. It’s the lolipops version of Do not Disturb.

Second Step

If you don’t know which app is causing the notifications use this step when the notification is visible 
1. Long press the notification till you see an “i” icon as shown in the image below and click on it .

2. Settings menu will open.

 Go there and repeat the first method by blocking notifications for the selected app.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial 
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