Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Upclose With Rosebird Ama Dadzie, Lady Who Draws In Ghana.

The art industry in Ghana seems like a field well dominated by men but today I present to you a lady who is thriving in this field.

 Rosebird Ama Dadzie is a 27 years old  portrait artist  who hails from Adidome but resides at Adjei kojo, Tema west.
In an exclusive interview with her online,when asked why she chose Art she said:
“I chose Art because of the passion I have and I also believe that it’s a God given talent”

Rosebird Ama Dadzie is the CEO of Roben Art  and a product of Takoradi technical University.

She had her Junior high education at Bennett Caulley memorial school and her secondly education at Ashaiman Senior High.
One of her works which caught my attention on social media is a portrait of an old man wearing a spectacle. 

According to her this drawing is a challenge she took on herself and the first charcoal work she has made. 

She only specialised in Graphite.
The  portrait drawing alone supersedes most artworks by the opposite gender in the Artistry field.

Rosebird later disclosed that her brand “Roben” art is a joint brand and the name was composed out of their first names which is Rosebird  and Eben.

She is a Portrait artist and Eben is a Graphic Designer.

Ghana is renowned for producing the best African arts and crafts yet in Ghana, the creative arts sector is treated with disdain and as second fiddle.

Through the interview I asked her what she thinks about it and what measures does she think when put in place would revive our creative arts industry. 
She said : 
“Hmmmm it’s very bad…what I think we should put in place is that:
we should have art Academy…
Also employ teachers who are really into art and have the passion for art…
Why do I say that?.. most of the teachers that are in the art school were not even art students.
 They only read and go to class the following day to teach, so they can’t even the take the students through practicals…
We should also invest more in promoting art…
And also have a day the we can say we are celebrating art in Ghana…that involves awarding artist to encourage them in what they are doing…”

This is  something really affecting our creative arts industry in Ghana and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The creative arts industry deserves recognition, respect and value since it also contributes to the Ghanaian Economy and is one of the major source of livelihood for most people. 
Rosebird has worked on numerous commissioned  portraits.
Her hyperrealistic artworks are highly recommended as the best for any festivities.

Contact her  on +233263679149 or +233550243333…

 You can follow her or get in touch with her via social media platforms 
Facebook: Roben-art…
IG : @roben_art92…
Twitter : @roben_art92…

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