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Youtube Account Creation And Monetisation 2019.

As an actor, I was on a movie set a week ago and had a conversation with another actor I met, who told me about his challenges in creating a Youtube account and channel.
In a statement he said “i confronted a friend of mine to help me and I was  charged a huge sum of money which I couldn’t afford”. 
Been a technology enthusiast, I couldn’t watch him throw away his money just like that so I offered my help for free wihout undermining his friends work. Lol
make money

YouTube account creation and Monetisation is one of the most frequently asked questions. 

So today am going to take my time to explain the steps in creating Youtube account ,a channel and how to monetise it.

Steps to Create Youtube Account And Channel
1. Open YouTube on your computer, mobile site or by using the app on your mobile.
2. Click On Signup 
This takes you directly to the account creation page.
3. Enter Your Email Address And Password.
You must enter a valid e-mail address to register.
4. Retype Password and Username.
5. In the location drop down menu select your country.
6. Enter your postal code.
7. Select your Gender and enter your Date of Birth.
8. Input the characters you see in the Word Verification field. 
If you can’t see the characters clearly click on the New image link to view a different image.
9. Check or uncheck the next box with : Let others find my channel if they have my email address. 
This option gives you control over who sees your videos.
10. Check the Terms of Use privacy box after reading it. 
11. Click on create my account.
Note: if you leave any box empty, the YouTube page would be refreshed with red warning notes at the fields that needs to be corrected.
Correct it and you are good to go. 
Don’t forget to check your email for confirmation message .
Now that you are successful in creating your YouTube account let’s move on to how to create your first YouTube channel.
How to Create YouTube Channel.
Follow the steps below to create a personal YouTube channel
1.Sign in to YouTube on a computer or using the mobile site or app.
2.Try uploading a video, posting a comment, or creating a playlist.
If you don’t have a channel, you’ll see a prompt to create a channel.
3. If step 2 is not working for you click on your profile icon and then the settings icon.
4. Check the details and confirm to create your channel.
How To Monetise YouTube Channel

People who make videos on Youtube are termed as “Vloggers”.

Yh I know it rings in your ears like bloggers. 
So just like blogging, vlog is the short term of video blogs or video logs. 
It’s a form of blog for which the medium is video.
So people get paid for doing what they love on Youtube. 
In other to make money out of your Youtube channel , you need to put in your  dedication , time, and your effort. 
So let’s head straight to how to Monetise your YouTube channel
In other to perform this action and start earning royalties you need to enable Monetisation in your YouTube channel which makes you a YouTube partner and allow ads to run in your videos.
Follow the steps below.
1.Select your account icon in the top right corner.
2.Click Creator Studio.
3. In the left menu Select Channel
4. Click on Status And Features
5.Click Enable in the Monetisation section.
6.Follow the on-screen steps to accept YouTube’s Terms.

Once you are done you have to register Google Adsense in other to join the Google advertising network.

Please Note: Subscribe to Google AdSense only if your channel has 1000 subscribers
Google would pay you Everytime people watch ads in your videos.
Thanks for reading my guide on YouTube account creation and monetisation. 
If you have any questions pls drop them in the comment box. 
I would attend to you shortly.

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