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How To Create Professional Flyer Or Poster On Your Smartphone 2019.

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Hi everyone.

Welcome to VolumeGh.
In today’s Tips and Tricks segment, am going to show you step by step tutorials,on how to create professional flyer or poster on your smartphone.
Sounds cool right?

My aim after the end of this tutorial, is not only meant to save you a dollar and be creative, but also to draw your attention to the fact that, smartphones are powerful devices and just like any other computing device, they are built to be multifunctional.

Photoshop is a great tool for graphic design works on PC  but if you lack a PC for now, that shouldn’t stop you from producing great works with your smartphone.
All you need is creativity and the right tools.
With the above been said, let’s skip to my top 5 best recommended apps for your smartphone.
  1. Adobe Spark Post
  2. Canva
  3. Poster Maker 
  4. Light room
  5. Picsart
In today’s tutorial,I prefer we start with Adobe Spark post since it provides tons of cool templates, provides great image resolution, and makes your work attractive and proffessional.
Let’s go straight to the steps in how to use Adobe Spark Post.
1. Download Adobe Spark post on Google play store.
(As you can see I have mine already installed and I have to update it)

2. After installation Open it and signup with your email and password.

You can also choose to login via Google or Facebook.
3. Go to your mail and click on link sent to you by Adobe to verify your account.

 Wow you are in now and waiting for the next step๐Ÿ˜Š. 
What is the next step? 
 I don’t even know lol
Dont mind my silly jokes

4. Scroll through the templates provided and make a selection of your choice.

You can also input exactly what you are looking for in the search box.

(For example, I searched for poster since that’s what I wanna work on.)

Please Note: Not all the templates are free. Some are premium which means you need to buy them.

5. Select the template of your choice and click on remix this template.

6. Skip the menu provided and click on the area you want to edit on the template at the top to open the editing menu.

7. To change the image, click on it and click on replace.

This opens the option for you to apply filters to your image,enhance the contrast and more.

8. You would be provided with the option to search for free images of your choice or choose image from your gallery. 

In my example I searched for baby since am trying my hands on a movie poster and I dont have any quality image of a baby on my phone. 

9. Select the image of your choice,and wait for it to be applied on your template.
Wow we are almost done๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ.

10. Select text area to edit it.
This also  provides you with option to change text colour,shape,font,size and many more.
Edit it according to your choice.
Your work is complete.
You can remove the spark logo for free but to replace it you need to upgrade with a subscription.
11. Save it by clicking on the top              left save icon. 
Hurray, congrats on your first professional poster on your smartphone.
If you like this tutorial, leave a comment below.

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