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Sark Fan Shows Love To Shatta Fan Despite Rival Between Them.

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Its quite difficult to see two rival fans of Ghanaian artiste accede to a fact, or moreover lean a helping hand in terms of crisis, which shouldn’t be the case.

Earlier today, VolumeGh was prompted with this tweet circulating online. 
A Shattawale fan tweeted,that he was in need of help in other to purchase a new laptop, to start his graphic design work and surprisingly, his tweet was replied by a Sarkodie fan instead who was willing to help.

The supposed sarkodie fan by name Kelvin Sarfo replied his tweet enquiring about the amount he needed.

This however, surprised the Shatawale fan who was touched with the immense love showed him by his rival.

We are all humans and despite our indifferences, love must always lead. 
Our choices shouldn’t affect our reasoning. 
Why should we rain insults on another brother just because we don’t agree on one thing. 
I, on the other hand don’t see why fan base of these Ghanaian artist, can’t see eye to eye despite the fact that we are all humans.
For Ghana music industry to progress, our  artist  and their fan base must stop the online banter, and rather focus on joining forces to put Ghana music on the map.
We often see fan base of artiste, throwing jabs at each other all in the name of claiming who is best on social media and many more.
I don’t see the need of Ghanaian artiste competing against each other in the industry, when the real competition is out there.
Nigeria music was greatly influenced by Ghana music but today we can’t compare our industry to that of our neighbouring brothers.
Why is that so?
This is all as a result of lack of unity among Ghanaian artist. 
If Ghanaian artist unite,drop their indifferences and start working together, our industry could reach it’s peak on the international frontier, which thereby brings more revenue back into our industry and much recognition.  
I hope this kind gesture by Kelvin, makes a mark for others to follow.
Whether sarkodie fan,Shatawale fan, or Stonebwoy fan, we are all humans.


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