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Popular Akan Proverb Used As A Reference By Uk Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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At the 2020 Uk – Africa investment summit which was held in London this year, Uk prime minister Boris Johnson used the popular Akan Proverb “all hands are not equal” as a reference to boast about Uk expertise which can never be matched with any country.

“But in the words of an old Akan proverb that I picked up in Ghana, all fingers are not the same. There is wisdom in these Akan proverb. All fingers are not the same and all countries are not the same and the UK boasts … in expertise that cannot be matched by any other nation and that is why we are one of the biggest partners of the countries across Africa. Look at the billions of pounds worth in the deals that are being finalised just here today that we are announcing,” Mr Johnson said.

According to Boris Johnson, Uk is embarking on a new future as a global free trading country.

This initiative will put people before passports and end the free movement of people to and from Eu nation’s.

It will also make the system more fairer and equal, treating people the same wherever they came from.

Ghana’s President His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo was among the 15 African leaders present at the event.
This year Uk-Africa investment summit was to discuss new and lasting partnerships that will bring growth,jobs and investments.

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