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A Trip To Nzulenzo (Village on Water)

A Trip To Nzulenzo  (Village on Water)
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Nzulenzu village is located near Beyin Village.

Its in the jomoro District of Ghana and one of the beautiful and attractive places to be anytime when you are in the western region of Ghana.
The people there are mostly Fishermen, Farmers and Artisans.
In the year 2000 it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a major tourist attraction area.
Its quite sad that despite how interesting this place is , not every Ghanian has heard of it or even travelled to experience life on water in this wonderful village.


Image Credits : TripAdvisor.com



Thanks to Bumbawoodfilms Ghana I got the opportunity to believe in possibilities.
Aside Blogging, am a full time Actor registered under this noble production and its such a priveledge to be part of the amazing cast of ThinkBack movie, which was shot right here in Ghana at Nzulenzu.


Gideon Duah (left) with other amazing Actors on set

In other to go to the village you need to walk on a wooden pathway from Benin to the tandane lake where there is a station for commercial canoes and speedboats.


wooden Pathway to Tandane Lake
Image credits : 6987 Media


The main means of transportation in this Village is by using canoes and Speed Boats.
Since it was my first time on these speedboats or canoes, all hell broke lose for me since every movement of the speedboats/canoes felt like we have arrived at our final destination under the water and death for me as a young guy with no swimming skills.



Since our main motive there was based on Filmmaking, we experienced life living in this village since we were accomodated in the village.
My first night sleeping experience was terrible tho, I wasn’t courageous enough, I feared every minute of my life was on a game of chess.  Maybe I might wakeup in the bottom of the ocean not knowing what happened despite the fact that people in this village have been living there for soo many years. Such a lovely experience.
Just like the speedboats it became normal for me and I enjoyed every night afterwards  and the most amazing discovery about this village is that they weren’t cut of from the rest of Ghana.
It sounds funny but the main logic is despite the fact that they are on water they are not cut off from the rest of the towns in Ghana or villages which have Electricity.
How is that possible?
Since Nzulenzu is a village on stilts then its possible that electricity has also been transfered to this village on stilts.
The wooden structures according to these people are changed every 5 years to prevent decaying.
In other to reach this village you need to take a canoe or speedboat from Beyin through the forest land about a hour long or 5km to the village.
The forest land or wet swampy land is a home to various animals such as Monkeys and exotic birds.


Image Credits : Thinkbackmovie.com
If you love bird watching and Monkeys then the Forest land is a great place for you.
The only church  I saw in this village  is a Presbyterian church.
There is a school in the village also and one of the most amazing things I discovered at Nzulenzu is their public toilet.
Why a Public Toilet for that matter?
Ew it sounds disgusting said by one friend when I told him about Public toilet on Nzulenzu compared to Public Toilet even in some Towns and villages in Ghana which are on land.


Gideon Duah ( Nzulenzu Public Toilet)

The public toilet is one of the attractive  areas most people take images at Nzulenzu.

I don’t know why but despite how weird that may sound its indeed a great area of the Nzulenzu Village and very treated since its a village been visited daily by tourists around the world.
After our filmmaking was complete, we had to leave this wonderful place back to Accra, the capital of Ghana, where most of us departed to our various homes.
Anyway our journey couldn’t have been complete without lovely crafts from Artisans such as the “Welcome To Nzulenzo” Wooden Canoe Craft.
What I loved about Nzulenzu, was the environment and climate and also the hospitality of these Nzema people.
If you want a place to tour the next time you are in Africa, Nzulenzu Ghana is the right place to be.



You can also checkout Thinkback movie directed by Bumba Ibrahim, CEO of Bumbawood films  and have a view for yourself and enjoy this great African movie with great culture with a great advice for all African leaders
You can watch the trailer of Thinkback movie by clicking the link below



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