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The artist is very close to the temple of God, just on the verge. He may not enter into the temple, he may think ’This is all’, but if he wanted, if he had explored a little bit more, he would have entered into God. And unless the artist takes a step beyond art he remains only half-grown. Unless the poet becomes the mystic he never becomes whole. That is the tragedy of the poet; that is the glory and the agony too. The scientist is perfectly at ease. He is in the world of matter; he knows nothing of the beyond, he has no idea of the beyond. Mysticism is all rubbish to him, all nonsense, absurd. He lives in a very clear-cut, mathematical world: The mystic lives in a very very clear-cut mystery. It is a mystery, but he is absolutely certain about the mystery; there is no problem in his mind. He is perfectly at home with the mystery, the mystery does not create any anxiety. He lives it; he is not there to solve it. He relishes it, he sings it, he dances it. Between the two is the artist – the painter, the poet, the musician, the dancer. He has no home, he is just on the bridge: a part of him belongs to the world of science, matter, and a part of him longs for the beyond, the world of the mystery. He is torn apart. It is not an accident that many artists go mad because this continuously pull them into contradictory directions. Many artists commit suicide, and the reason is simple: life becomes unbearable. The artist can be at ease only if he takes a jump and becomes a mystic, when his poetry is no more just poetry but a divine song. So become a singer of divine songs. All songs can be transformed into divine songs. One just needs a little more daring, one just needs to go into the darkness of the mystery but his mind holds back. The mind says ’Be cautious.’ The mind always hesitates. Even if it is to make a step, it takes every precaution so that one never goes astray, and it is always ready to jump back into the old known territory. That’s why many artists remain only artists and remain miserable. The truly adventurous soul is always ready to listen to the call of the unknown. When the unknown calls, go with it, go with your whole heart and don’t look back. Then singing slowly, let it turn into divine singing. The ordinary dance is no more ordinary, it becomes extraordinary. Then, one starts contacting the infinite, and to be in contact with the infinite is to be in bliss.


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