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Nigeria Hot Sun May Help Suppress The Spread Of Coronavirus – Dr Adeola Fawotade

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Dr Adeola Fowotade, an award winning consultant virologist has acclaimed that the hot tropical climate in Nigeria can help suppress the spread of Coronavirus COVID -19

During her report to News Agency of Nigeria in Ibadan she said experts believe that the Coronavirus COVID-19 may behave like influenza which is a seasonal disease that is common in cold climates.
Thus making Nigeria too hot for coronavirus to spread.
Dr Adeola Fawotade also during the interview said that droplets generated from the Coronavirus cannot travel far and the virus is an envelop virus, which means that it cannot survive very long in hot climates.
“That is an extrapolation from what happened with influenza virus also known as the flu, which is most prevalent in colder climate during winter.
“We believe that if COVID-19 is a Respiratory Tract Infection, probably it will follow the same pattern.
“There is a very high chance there will be some remission as the temperature gets warmer in those temperate places.
“But for us with tropical climate, we believe that this outbreak might not go on for too long and might abate very soon.
“This is because the droplets generated by the virus cannot travel far and this virus is an envelope virus.
“Envelop viruses are very susceptible and cannot survive very long in hot climate,” she said.
However,She urged Nigerians especially the healthcare workers to be vigilant and comply with standard hygiene rules.

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