Sunday, October 24, 2021

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White lady dragged out of a Ghanaian Supermarket For Refusing to Use Hand Sanitizer.

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White lady Dragged out from Supermarket shop by security.

In a video spotted on Famebugs,a foreigner in Ghana,a white lady to be precise was dragged out from a Ghanaian Supermarket after refusing to Use hand sanitizer.

 Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak,several shops and offices have placed Hand Sanitizer at the entrance for use by customers or clients to avoid the spread of the virus.
The said foreigner, whose name unknown ignored the use of the alcohol based hand sanitizer despite all advice.
She entered the shop and started touching products on the shelve which made the manager furious and ordered the security to drive her out. 
Due to her unwillingness to leave and claiming it wasn’t part of the law, she was dragged out by the security. 
In a time where COVID-19 has been declared pandemic, it calls for strict measures to ensure people abide by the preventive measures in other to make our world perfect again.
Ghana has So far recorded seven cases in the country.
 Watch video below

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